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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oscar Mayer's Wiener

The following video is from when I was in college at Eastern Illinois University.  Now keep in mind this was 1990, so please don't hold anyone accountable for any mullets you might witness.  The house that we were living in was so shitty that one day while the 5 of us were watching t.v., 5 ceiling tiles fell and a mound of blown in insulation fell all over the couch and floor.  We all just looked at each other, shrugged, and went right back to watching t.v.  One day, my bud John who lived on the other side of the duplex shut the refrigerator door on me (only in a college town could they turn a 1000 square foot house into an 8 bedroom duplex-no joke).  Check out my revenge.  But mostly, check out that fridge.  I think it was the next model up from the kind where the cooling element was a big block of ice.  It was cool though because it actually had a foot pedal that opened the door.  So if your hands were full of groceries, you could set them right in.

His face is priceless.  He was so relieved to see that it was Oscar Mayer's wiener and not mine.  Here, let's check out his face again.

And a close up.

Sheer terror.

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