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Friday, August 26, 2011

Corey in Cali #2 (Universal Studios)

This is my video of the Universal Studio Tour in Hollywood.  It is just treated as a ride in the amusement park.  The studio and the park are connected and there are giant escalators taking you from the top to the bottom of the park.  Sorry the quality isn't the greatest.  I took the video from a camera.  I love how of all the frames in the video, my video editor chose the shot of my knee as the still frame.  I'm sure I could change it but I found this funny.

The breakdown of the video is:
00:00-00:43     Movie autos such as the Magnum P.I. Ferrari, Lovely footage of my knee, The Fast and The Furious cars, a car wreck show, and Jurassic Park vehicle.    
00:44-01:05     Flood.
01:06                Lyon Estates entrance from Back to the Future.
01:07-01:45     Old street, Port Royal from The Pirates of the Carribean.
01:46-02:51     Earthquake where the street collapses into the subway.
02:52-03:01     Jaws.
03:02-05:42     Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives or the street from The Burbs, whichever is your poison.
05:43-06:10     Whoville.
06:11-07:02     The Bate's Motel from Psycho.
07:03-07:20     Norman Bate's house from Psycho.
07:21-08:08     Airplane crash from Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds.
08:09-09:00     Cabin from The Great Outdoors.

Now for some stills from around the park and tour.

The capsule from Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks.  You could just walk right up to it.

Johnny Carson's desk.  Imagine the people that sat in front of this.  Oh, if that desk could only talk.

One of Biff's goons hover boards from "Back to the Future".  It had pie tins on the bottom of it to hold it off the ground.

Universal Studios from the upper part of the amusement park.

Stock city street.

What those fake facade buildings look like on the back.  Pretty cool, huh?

The "Deathmobile" from an all-time classic "Animal House".  Can't you just see Belushi popping up out of that in his pirate costume.

A car from the Marx Brothers and of course Tom Selleck's Ferrari from "Magnum, P.I.".

The infamous Delorean from "Back to the Future".  I can't believe these just sit outdoors and not under cover.

A vehicle from "Jurassic Park".

A timed flood in the Mexican village at Universal.  I guess this has been in several movies.

Just a random, ethnic looking building.  They said on the tour that they can change the supposed "country" of these buildings just by changing the signs on the buildings.

Old west part of the studio.  This is where a lot of John Wayne westerns were filmed.  They said that every old west street on the lot had a saloon, bank, hotel, and sheriff's office.  This was because in the silent movie days, they might have 8 different movies shooting at the same time on the different streets.

Several of the doors were just open with no one around.  I thought this was odd.  You could see in from the tram and I was dying to hop off and go explore.

Courtyard area from "The Scorpion King" and Genovia from "The Princess Diairies".

More Genovia from "The Princess Diairies".

The Earthquake ride where the street collapses into the subway.  This is where the gas tanker from the street above slides down the collapsed road towards our tram and bursts into flames.

From the same ride, this is where the subway comes in and hits the collapsed road.  This forces it to buckle and careen right at our tram.

See Jaws popping up right by our tram?

The house from Burt Reynold's and Dolly Parton's "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".  They said that this house was rare because it was built like an actual house so they could film inside and outside of it.  Usually, inside shooting is done on a soundstage.

This was one of the coolest things on the tour even though I had never seen the show (I forced myself to watch parts of a few episodes when I got home).  Yes, it is Wisteria Lane from "Desperate Housewives".  These houses and street have been used multitudes of times over the years.  My favorites are "The Burbs" and "The Munsters".

The former Munster's house on Wisteria and The Klopek's house from "The Burbs".

Tom Hank's house from "The Burbs" and "Leave it to Beaver" house.

Walter's house from "The Burb's".

The outdoor set for Whoville from Jim Carrey's "Then Grinch".  The strange thing about Whoville is that it is literally about 3 feet from . . .

The Bate's Motel from "Psycho".  See Whoville behind it?

Norman Bates put a body in the trunk and then came out to attack the tram.  Too bad he couldn't have snuck around back and taken care of that mean mayor from Whoville.

We drove right through the airplane crash from Tom Cruise's "War of the Worlds".  They bought a real plane, cut it up, and brought it in in pieces. 

The wreckage was strewn clear to the back of the Psycho house.  See it in the background?  Norman could have had all of the bodies he wanted.

The house from one of my favorite movies "The Great Outdoors".  Can't you just see Dan Akroyd and John Candy standing right there trying to figure out how to get rid of the bat.  If you watch the movie where they are looking out over the forest and lake.  That was not real but projected on a GIANT screen behind the cabin which they used for backgrounds in other movies as well. RIP John Candy.

Lastly, another iconic car from one of the greatest movies ever, "The Blues Brothers".  The sun glasses and half a pack of smokes were on the dash.  RIP John Belushi.

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