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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Google Maps, The Movie

Guess what I am addicted to in my spare time.  I love to just get on Google Maps and do street views all over the place.  I love to just explore the towns by clicking down all of the streets.  Particularly fascinating to me is doing this in Mexico.  By doing this, I have pretty much concluded that no matter where you street view in Mexico, every town looks the same.  I am amazed at some of the areas these people drove down in Mexico to get these shots, yet Clinton, IL only has one street view down Grant.  I know if I ever move to Mexico, I am going to be a spray paint salesman.  I would live in a big mansion.  Tourists would come down and say, "Who lives in that huge estate?  Drug kingpin?"  "No, ees spray paint salesman."

Cabo, Mexico on the West side.

Cancun, Mexico on the East side on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Cuidad Juarez, Mexico  on the North side right across the border from Texas.  Yes, this is where all of the murders take place.

And lastly, Mazatlan, Mexico on the Southern side.  

See what I mean about looking the same.  It's all bars on windows and graffiti.  Never the less, I loved visiting there.  You know what I always thought would be wild.  What if someone was just randomly street viewing trying to find the way to the Piggly Wiggly by their house and happened to stumble upon a cheating spouse.  It would be like, "Okay, let's see.  Out my front door, turn right on Water Street.  Work my way down to Elm.  Wait a minute."  

"What's that in that restaurant window?  Ulp. . . . Margaret?"

Or what if you were a detective assigned to solve a homicide and you decided to just street view the crime scene to see what kind of neighborhood it was.  As you work your way down the street, "Hmmm, head up White street, past the Palms apartments.  Whoah.  Hold up.  What's that?"

"Well, looky there.  Tim did it.  I knew it was that bastard.  APB on Tim."  This should be a movie of the week.  I guess that would be a pretty short movie though.

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