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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Informant - 2 Thumbs down. I just wish I had more thumbs.

It's a slow news day so I will rehash one of the coolest days of my life.  This was my day on the set of the Matt Damon movie "The Informant".  As you can probably tell, I wasn't a big fan of the movie.  I tried to like it, but just didn't.  This was the Backlot by the Decatur Courthouse.

I thought this guy looked like Charlie Newman (Brandi Alsup's dad).  To him, I was the weirdo taking a picture of a complete stranger.

Here I am by one of the studio trucks.  Notice that I am missing my goatee.  They made me shave it after pretty much having it since the 1980's.

We were fed in this Backlot tent.  They put out a breakfast, lunch and supper and let us mill around all we wanted.  There was a rope barrier between the extras and the cast but we weren't chastised for mingling.

This was the actual Backlot area with the Star's trailers, makeup, and wardrobe.  It was fun playing "movie star" being on the other side of the barricades as I walked out of the courthouse after filming.  I could hear whispers of "Who is he?" and "Is he anybody?".  But my ego was deflated very quickly as I heard someone say "Nah, he's nobody". 

Joel McHale and I getting to know each other for 3 seconds.

Patton Oswalt with a cup of keg beer.  I didn't see the keg anywhere.  It must be good to be the king.

The director Steven Soderbergh probably lining up Pauly Shore for his next blockbuster.

Joel McHale and Scott Bakula mingling with the crowd.

Another one of Scott Bakula signing autographs.

Everyone thought that Matt Damon's bodyguard looked like George Clooney.    Me, Damon, and Affleck always like to tease 'ol Georgie Boy about this whenever we get together.

I spotted Matt Damon in this vehicle pulling out of the Backlot.  Like an idiot, I yelled "There he is".   This caused everyone within a 100 miles to run in that direction, thus making it much harder for me to get a photo op.

Me giving the thrill of a lifetime to that other guy.

If Matt Damon ever asks you if he can pick your brain, RUN!  (okay, just a bored guy with Photoshop on this one).

And here it is.  The big screen movie debut of Corey Case in The Informant (or half of me anyways).   Don't blink at moment 1:38:36 in the movie and you will see half of me.  Someone stole my other 14 minutes and 59 seconds of fame.  I blame Kate Gosselin.

Did you notice that fine acting?  I wasn't really writing, just "acting" like it.  I deserve half of an Oscar.  I was up for the role of "half of wedding guest number 128" in The Wedding Crashers and "half of football player in locker room" in a Right Guard commercial.   I keep getting typecast.  Maybe I need a new headshot.

I was so integral that they spelled my name wrong.  Thank God I was still able to cash my check.  I needed it to break even on my costume (yes, I had to supply my own, so I had to hit all of the thrift stores in Bloomington to get 1990's dress clothes).

Want half my autograph?

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