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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And You Thought My Jeep Was Bad

Everyone brings something to a marriage right off the bat.  Let me rephrase that.  Everyone brings something old and beat up to a marriage right off the bat.  My wife brought an alarm clock and me, well, I brought me.  Now, this clock didn't look quite this bad 14+ years ago but pretty close.

I finally had to retire it a few months ago.  The wife still uses it.  We used to share it because it has dual alarms.  She sets it once and is done for the week so it doesn't bother her.  I used to reset it every 10 minutes to sneak a nap whenever I could but half the time, it took me so long to set the clock, the nap was over once I got the clock set.  It got to where I was spending minutes just trying to get the set button to work.  It had been getting progressively worse for years and was now at the point where I had to try differing degrees of pressure and angles to get the numbers to start moving.  And God forbid you let off accidentally, then you had to start all over.  I had had enough and went to Wal-Mart and got this very nice looking clock.

It works very well but my only complaint is that even on dim, you could read a book by the light of the numbers. If you lined a runway with these on dim, 747's could land in a snowstorm at midnight.  I'm used to it now though.  And someday, I hope to get Andi to part with the other clock.  When she does, I will try to sell it on our notice board at work as this is evidently a good forum to sell piles of shit that used to be something other than piles of shit.  See.

For Sale-Box of shit that used to be piece of shit.  Find more shit and with a little work, it can be a piece of shit again someday. $400.  Hmm.  How can I spin our old clock/radio?. . . . . .

For Sale-Feeling nostalgic?  Remember when Seger crooned Night Moves and you had to squint at tiny numbers on a dial to find it on the radio.  Wouldn't you love to relive those happy, carefree times?  You say "melted dent in speaker", I say "cup holder".  You say "radio needle cover" off, I say "manual access window".  No, it doesn't have a flux capacitor but you will feel like you are back in 1982 with this beauty.  $.75.  Will consider trade for 2 pack (I want some bargaining room) of Big Red gum OBO.

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