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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great Invention #1

They scoffed at me when I put it on my Christmas list.  I was shunned by the non-handyman types in the family.  I was mocked by those that consider themselves the younger, "hipper" faction in the house.  We mock what we don't understand.  However, when I got it and put it on, they saw how completely cool I looked.  I think mockery turned to envy.  Here I am wearing it.

It is the headband light.  For anyone that has ever tried to do plumbing under a sink with a flashlight propped up against a box of tampons, there is no greater invention.  In fact, I just used it to replace a light fixture in a windowless (and tampon boxless) foyer.  It's much easier to connect white to white and black to black when you are not in complete darkness.  Even if it's just a kid wanting to play "coal miner" or absconding it for flashlight tag, the uses never stop.  It is like having a 3rd hand holding a flashlight.  Now, if someone could just invent something to be a 4th hand to scratch my nuts when my other 3 hands are tied up under the sink.

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