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Monday, September 19, 2011

I Bet She's Really Good At Hitchhiking, Though

Remember the Seinfeld where Jerry calls his girlfriend and she thinks it's someone else and mentions the tractor story?  So, then he tries to figure out the rest of the show what the tractor story is.  George thinks she has toe thumbs.

Too bad Megan Fox was only 12 at the time because she would have been a shoe in (you'll get that joke later) for the role of Jerry's girlfriend in this one.  Why would she have been perfect you ask?  Wait for it . . . 

That's right.  She has toe thumbs (groan at previous joke now).  No, not real toe thumbs but some kind of birth defect where her thumbs look like big toes.  I learned about this from reading another guy's funny blog and didn't believe it, so I googled it.

2,380,000 results.  Sorry guys did I ruin it for you?  Now in all fairness, I haven't seen any pictures of her big toes.  Maybe they look like thumbs and it all evens out.  Before you throw her on the scrap heap though, remember, the rest of her still looks like this.

Bet you'd still take a toe job, wouldn't ya single fellas?

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