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Thursday, September 15, 2011

New From Levi's

Well endowed and proud?  Then head to Kohl's to get your new. . .


You packin' and proud of it?  Why not?  I would be.  You will enjoy the ease and comfort of our newest offshoot of the straight leg jean.  There are no zippers and no buttons to mess with when nature comes a callin'.  Simply roll up the end and let it fly.  Don't forget the shake.  Our new jean's sizes cover all racial stereotypes from "It's not the size that matters" small clear up to "You think you're gonna put what where?" large.

Not confident enough for our jeans?  Need to enhance what the good Lord put in your pants?  Don't be so hard on (ha, I kill me) yourself.  Buy our new Middle-Leg Jeans Inserts® in whatever size your insecurities require.

And coming soon. . .Middle-Leg Baggies®

If you leave the girls gaggin', put on our baggies and your peter will be draggin'.  Available at all Kohl's and Medusa's Adult World outlets.


  1. Thanks, I try. To be funny that is, not to kill you.

  2. I am dying from laughter on this one!

  3. Thanks Melissa. I am relieved to see that people are reading. This may be getting addicting.