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Friday, September 2, 2011

Ode To My Jeep

She's not the cleanest
     I washed it in 2009
Why should I do it.
     When the rain does just fine.

The air doesn't work
     I must sadly confess
Time I get to work
     I am a sweaty mess.

The seat is tore
     The window lock is broken
You must ask the driver
     If you want the window open.

The sunroof doesn't leak
     But it also doesn't open
Maybe it will work again
     You can't blame a guy for hopin'.

Hear the speaker pop
     You're in no danger
Probably a loose wire
     To the defunct CD changer.

The hatch doesn't stay up
     When you lean in with that sack
Better pay attention
     as it comes down on your back.

The seat once broke
     While taking the kids to school
It looked like I was riding
     In the lunar module.

Do I smell a wet dog?
     Or is it burnt hair?
No my Jeep smells more like
     The goat barn at the fair.

See my wipers
     The fluid doesn't squirt
Don't worry for me though
     I'm used to looking through dirt.

The oil gauge sticks
     See the check gauge light
Drive it a little
     And then it's all right.

It's easy to laugh at me
     It's easy to scoff
Enjoy your big car payment
     My piece of shit's paid off.


  1. My huband drives a 20 yr old car :) He love it! I call it the old man car because my grandparents had one when I was a kid. But it is paid for and that is a great thing!

  2. Yeah. No payment since 2004. Lukah described it yesterday as that my Jeep just "drives" and that's pretty much it. I had to remind her that it it does have an "AM/FM" radio that still works. The no air is the only thing that bothers me but I can live without it.