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Monday, September 12, 2011

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Trash

Ah, the Power Wheels Jeep.  I remember when Santa Claus brought it . . . in pieces.  First off, I am tired of that fat bastard getting credit for all of the good presents.  Here, Lukah, Santa got you a Jeep you can drive and mommy and I got you a digital photo keychain.  I'm sure her 6 year old brain was thinking "those cheap bastards!".  So I spent half the night assembling and drinking.  Hell, there was a sheet of decals the size of a movie poster.  It took me longer and more beers to put all of those on than to assemble the damn thing.  A few may have come out crooked but I think I was pretty crooked myself towards the end.  It came out all right though and she loved it.  Her and Cal actually sat in it the whole time at Christmas and unwrapped all of their presents from there.

I was kind of expecting a "Thank you for this summer present that we can play with 5 months from now" (ha, take that Santa) but they were thrilled anyway.  When they finally got to use it in the Spring, they loved to get it going full blast down the driveway and then let off the gas spinning it into a 180.  

They spent countless hours driving it even way past the point of being too big for it.  In fact, I'm not too sure Mikah wouldn't have driven it to school a few weeks ago when her car was in the shop for a week, just to have her own wheels.   The sad news is that is now not an option as the Power Wheels Jeep died over the winter.  I charged the battery and nothing would happen.  There really was no way for me to tell where the problem was with the battery, charger, or just the wiring so we had to just let it go.  Since the youngest kid had actually outgrown it about 4 years ago, I did not want to pump any money into it.  If I could be sure it was just the battery, I might have saved it for the next garage sale to try to get $2 back on my original $250 investment.  I held onto it most of the Summer but finally got tired of it taking up so much room in the garage.  So, this garbage day, I set it out with the trash.  Now for the gripe.  When I woke up in the morning, it was gone.  I'm sure it was absconded by one of the p.m. pickers that trolls around in the darkness taking people's old broken lawn chairs and such.  What annoys me is that how do they know that my kids didn't just park it there for the night?  I had no sign on it saying "Take me, I'm free".  Shouldn't they have at least asked then?  Just because something is within 30 feet of my garbage can does not make it fair game for the taking.   I about turned into Stanley Stupid (Watch at least the first minute).


Sometimes I think of all the money I've wasted on garbage bags over the years because I think that if I just placed all of my garbage loose on the sidewalk, it would all be gone by morning.

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