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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Good TV Moms Go Bad

Remember when TV moms were the best.  They were sweet, wholesome women that could juggle a thousand things and still put a hot meal on the table for the family.  Carol Brady (who actually had Alice for help, so it's not really that impressive) managed to keep 3 very lovely girls with hair of gold and 3 white boys with afros in line.

Remember the wholesomeness?  Somewhere down the line, something snapped.  She lets Jan have it in "The Brady Bunch Movie".

Do they come any more clean and from a cleaner time than June Cleaver?

I know there has been a lot of "Beaver" jokes over the years and I would like to think that like my real mom, June wouldn't understand them.   After hearing her speak jive in "Airplane", maybe the "Beaver" jokes wouldn't be lost on her after all.

Shirley Partridge was a single mother trying to keep that rat bastard Danny in line and doing a pretty good job at it.  In fact, she needs to come back and kick his ass now.  Remember how sweet she was?

You never heard sex mentioned in the partridge house but I always suspected Reuben was a flasher.  Can't you just picture him naked in a raincoat.  Ooops, sorry about that visual.  Mrs. Partridge certainly wouldn't have been bragging of her sexual conquests like in "Grandma's Boy".

And now for the crown jewel.  Mrs. Cunningham was America's sweetheart. 

She was so much like everyone's mother in Happy Days that she could even get Fonzie to eventually do the right thing.  Well, I watched "Superhero Movie" the other day and I don't ever remember Mrs. C giving Richie advice like this.


One thing I did notice now that I am close to the age they were then, is that these women were actually pretty hot.  Back when I watched them then, they were 100 years old to me.  I believe the kids now-a-days would call them "milfs".  

Don't forget the rubber with Mrs. Brady, though. . . . 

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