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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Acne On Her Face? What Face?

Have you ever seen Karty Perry's Proactiv commercial?  Pay attention to seconds :27 to :32.  I absolutely love the shot they picked of her for when she says that line.

She's about half right of where people are looking.  I imagine some great boyfriend got his girlfriend Katy Perry tickets for her birthday and was nice enough to take her.  This is what I think would happen next.

GIRLFRIEND-"Oh my God, would you look at the acne all over Katy Perry's face."
BOYFRIEND-"Yeah, that's some terrible acne, just terrible."

BOYFRIEND-"In fact, can I borrow those binoculars so I can check out that acne a little closer?"

BOYFRIEND-"Yeah, she's got some really big bumps there."

Honestly, though, I'm not even sure the women would be checking out the acne in that shot.

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