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Saturday, November 5, 2011

If You Can't Trust A Disembodied Talking Head, Then Who Can You Trust?

Halloween this year was fun.  Except for the fact that we never made it back to the pumpkin patch to buy pumpkins so we ended up having to carve Andi's tiny photo prop pumpkins.  I started looking a week and a half before Halloween and there wasn't a decent sized pumpkin left in this town, you pumpkin hogging bastards.  So here's the result of the our carvings.




The night before Halloween, we went to a costume party and I had made a costume that made my head look like it was sitting on a platter on a table.  I mounted a candy bowl next to it with a false bottom so I could stick my hand through and grab any candy takers.  Here it is without me in it so you can kind of see what I did. 

After I got the first few kids, they all knew something was up.  My only hope was when new people would arrive.  We did not get the best reaction of the night on video but here is Kim and Bayleigh Holmes reactions.  Bayleigh said that I scared the crap out of her.

 Thank God Halloween was a couple of days after this party so we had time to sober up.  I'm not sure I could have done the full 3 hours of Trick or Treating on Sunday.  This is the first year we went out the whole time and the candy haul reflected that.  Cal ended up with a Save-A-Lot bag stuffed full clear to the top. 

 Of course I didn't snap the candy bag picture immediately, so now it is half gone.

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