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Saturday, December 17, 2011

And New From La-Z-Boy. . .

Do you spend half your life on the toilet?  Do you read War and Peace in one sitting including the Preface, Epilogue and Bibliography?  Then you need the comfort you have come to expect from La-Z-Boy®.  So rush out and get your. . .

If your current throne does not offer you the back support and relaxation  you desire for hours of drinking beer and looking at porn, then you need to visit our La-Z-Boy® showroom and take a test drive on our new La-Z-Toi®.  Then  you won't be calling your friends to complain about your shitter.

Instead, you'll be calling your friends to brag about where you both passed out and passed your last meal.  Don't worry about it, just wipe when you wake up.

You just may never want to leave your hopper when you see our new accessory.  Invite all of your closest friends over for a game of DungDarts®.  Just plug it in to any wall outlet, drop the target into your toilet bowl, eat some Mexican food, and let the games begin.    La-Z-Boy® is not responsible for electrocutions.  Game board has automatic scorekeeping for up to 4 players.  The excitement lies in that no one knows their score until they stand up.  So eat up, sit down and play.  Don't forget to flush between turns.

And coming soon, the children's Swamplogger Play Set®.  They can bring 'em up from the bottom and drag them around in boats just like the real t.v. show.  Just make sure they wash their hands for dinner. 

You and junior will be duking it out for toilet time, but keep an eye on him or he just may be spiking your dinner with ex-lax when he needs more cargo.  Order in time for Christmas and surprise junior with the new Swamplogger Play Set® and after that big holiday meal, a huge selection of Yule logs to go with it.

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