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Thursday, December 1, 2011

And New From Wuggle. . .

Are you sick of the world being sugar-coated for your kids?  Don't worry, Wuggle® has your back.  Isn't it time your little ones quit dreaming about unicorns and fairies and became a man?  I'm not suggesting an operation for your daughter, but new Wuggle Reality Series Li'l Killers®.

That's right.  You take them out of the box, you hook them to the machine, you turn the crank to fill them, and you give them life just as quickly as they took it away.  Who knows, you may be the one to straighten little Teddy Bundy out before he takes on a life of evil and misery.  Has there ever been a serial killer more Teddy Bear like than John Wayne Gacy.  Your kids will love to stuff him, and stuff him, and stuff him, and stuff him.  

In fact, his doll comes with 5 extra packs of fiber fill to give him a realistic look.  Hide the markers or your daughters just might get kicked out of preschool for drawing swastikas on their foreheads after they get done playing with the Little Charlie Manson doll that they created.

It's never too early to prepare your kids for the real world and the dangers in it.  Our dolls will show them what "stranger danger" looks like up close and allow them to do exactly what they should not do in real life.  Wuggle® is not responsible for mixed messages.  And coming soon. . . .


Who else would a kid rather snuggle with other than the guy from the tire store or the carpenter that nailed a piece of trim back up over your kitchen cabinet?  Now they can do both and more with the Wuggle® Everyday series.

You can roll up his sleeve and give yourselves matching realistic tattoos (included), just like the real guy at the tire store.

There are many more tattoos available (sold separately) for the tire guy, carpenter, and drunken hobo dolls.
Mix and match.  Share with your friends.  Wuggle® is not responsible for friend's angry parents.

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