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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fun With Beer Cans

This was our Christmas tree in our dorm room my freshman year in college.  It was made with over 400 beer cans and yes we even put lights on it.  I am surprised looking at this picture and seeing so many Budweisers.  I remember a lot more Old Mil and Milwaukee's Best which are represented on the tree also. 

Of course, we were only freshman in college and under age so we had to borrow all of these cans from juniors and seniors of legal drinking age.

When Christmas was over, we had to figure out what to do with all of the cans.  We decided to make giant pillars and curtain over our 1983 color t.v. and our VHS vcr (had the foresight to not get "beta").

Eddie Murphy's "The Golden Child" video store promotional hanging is evidently the crown jewel while Frosty the Snowman's severed head and Mr. Rogers with a skinny cigarette looks on.

Is that a Sport's Illustrated football phone and a picture of the band "Europe"?  A Juan Valdez coffee commercial is on the television.



  1. Is that a picture of Jon Bon Jovi that I see? Right above the football contraption on the TV? Awww, you guys loved him too! :)

  2. Wrongo! That's "Europe", Vince Neil, and AC/DC.

  3. Oh, and that's Poison to the left (you can see that in the first picture with the tree). SEE, NO BON JOVI! Actually , I saw Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet tour in 1986 but did not throw my skid-marked undies on the stage.