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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And You Thought Only Somalia had Pirates (Disney Trip Post #3)

I promised you all some hidden Mickeys.  We didn't spot a lot but here are a few.

Railing at Old Key West Resort.

Edge of shelf in room at Port Orleans Riverside Resort.

In pattern of comforter on bed at Port Orleans Riverside Resort.

Cal and I did have a bit more excitement on this trip other than the lost boy.  On Saturday night as a last hurrah for the trip after visiting Universal Islands of Adventure during the day, Cal and I went back to the Magic Kingdom.  We went to get on It's a Small World and no we didn't drink the water.  I know what happens.  Just ask Lisa Simpson.

What did happen is that a Disney star stole our boat.  Cal and I were ready to board and they hurried her in the exit and into our boat.  I thought I knew who it was because as you blog followers know and of great annoyance to my squaw, I am addicted to the Disney channel.  My suspicions were confirmed when a boat full of cheerleaders rolled in and one of them stood up and screamed "WE LOVE YOU DEBBY RYAN!"

Sorry, it's such a shitty picture.  I would have had a great one as she jacked our boat (I would expect this on The Pirate's of the Caribbean where that seems to be the theme but not with all of these adorable little wooden dolls looking on) because she got right in our row and was 3 feet from us.  However, right as I snapped that picture, she turned her head and was being really standoffish to the crowd.  I could understand this before the cat was out of the bag but at this point, it would have been generous to just give we non-Disney royalty who don't get brought in through the exit to our own private boat a friendly pose and chance for a picture.  Still don't know who she is?

It's Bailey from Suite Life on Deck.

Or as of the present, it's "Jessie" from Jessie.  If you still don't know her, you will just have to trust me that she is Disney gold.

You know what the only thing Mikah asked me about the celebrity encounter.  "Did she have her bangs?"  Huh?  I think this falls into that whole Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus thing.  She even looked at my grainy photo to check when I couldn't offer up an answer and let me know that she does.  What a relief.  Anyways, I try not to hold it against celebrities too much for not being the friendliest as I'm sure the attention gets old.  It does not make it any less disappointing for we fans though.  Maybe, I should have played my celebrity card to get my own boat.  After all, I was in that movie with Matt Damon.  Remember?  Hello, unpleasant Disney employee (I know Grumpy was a Disney character but I think they play that card a little too often down there).  Does this help?

Now point me to my damn private boat!

On another Disney star note, this is just something I (and probably only me) think is cool.  They have the chicken coop that Miley painted for the boy in The Hannah Montana Movie just sitting there in a line maze at Disney Hollywood Studios park.


I will post some of our Disney pictures on a later blog.

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