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Friday, February 3, 2012

Disney Imagineers

I have often read and seen on shows that Disney's "Imagineers" put hidden Mickey Mouses EVERYWHERE so you should always be looking out for them at the parks or in your resort.  Well, Sunday we leave for our Disney trip from the contest we won and mentioned in a previous blog.  Today, I opened a brand new bag of dog food and was pouring it in Vegas's bowl and look what came out.

There were three pieces stuck together.  Now those "Imagineers" are just getting plain creepy.  How the Hell did they know I was going to buy that particular bag of dog food.  What's next?  Am, I gonna take a shit and look in the bowl (yes, I always check the proceedings and you all do, too.  Admit it) and see this?

If I do, f**k it.  I ain't goin'.  Then again, if people get thousands of dollars for a grilled cheese with a Virgin Mary on it, I may just fish that shit out of there and "plop" it on ebay.  People will buy ANYTHING Disney, right?

Some people think they see these images everywhere.  I would imagine that if the good Lord (the guy responsible for my afterlife for all of eternity) is going to make an appearance, he would have the scruples and class to not do it on a dog's ass.  Then again, I would like to think that my Jesus has a sense of humor as well.

I will try to find some of these hidden Mickeys while we are there and get some pics of them for you all for a future post.  

See you when we get back!

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