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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ward, I Think You Were a Little Hard On The Beaver. . .

For the last few years, Lukah, Cal and I watched Saved By The Bell every day from 7-8 A.M. before school.

It was a tradition.  I also considered this educational for them to see what school was like back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  Besides it was fun to watch their reactions at clothing and hair styles or trying to convince them that Zack wasn't talking into a toaster.

Ah, simpler times.  Your principal was your best friend and high schoolers could get a heroin buzz from NoDoz.

Well, this school year, we were met with bad news.  Saved By The Bell was gone.  The fiends!  Now what the Hell were we gonna watch?


Sorry about the swearing Mr. Belding.  Well, in a first day of school panic, we surfed the channels.  We decided on. . . 

which was all fine and dandy for awhile but I soon realized that I had seen all of these a million times.  So back to the clicker.  I thought I would try something old school and we soon settled on. . .

I wasn't sure what the kids would think because it was made in the 50's and 60's but it has been a hit with Cal.  The wild thing was that once I started watching it, the houses started looking familiar.  So, I looked it up on and sure enough, the Leave It To Beaver house is one I had seen in the Universal Studios backlot tour last year.  

It actually is on Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives.

Well, we've all heard about the classic "Beaver" line that no one seems to know if it was actually said or not.  They recited it in the Revenge of the Nerds during the talent show.  

"What was the dirtiest thing ever said on television?"

"Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night."  

I can't vouch for that line but I did here June say in an episode where Beaver ran away, "Ward, are you going to get in that car and go look for Beaver or not?"


Whew, let me catch my breath a minute.  And yes, I am twelve.  Another line I recently heard that amused me and showed me how different of a time it was back then was when Ward and June thought Wally was smoking.  June says, "Wally promised he wouldn't start smoking until he was old enough."  Ha,Ha.  I guess it is just a given that he will smoke someday because evidently cancer hadn't been invented yet, but he promised to wait until he is old enough.

On a similar note, there was an episode where Beaver's friend Larry got into his father's pipe tobacco and tried to get Beaver to smoke it.  Due to a bathroom visit by me (I know that is a big shocker to any of my blog followers), I was behind in the episode.  I asked Cal what was going on in the show and he told me that "Larry wanted Beaver to smoke tobacco in his bagpipe."

"Uh, in his bagpipe?" asked Corey.

"Yup, in his bagpipe," said Cal.

I thought it was cute so I just let that one go.  I guess there is even a Leave It To Beaver movie from 1997 that I didn't know about so that has even made it onto my birthday list now.  I am curious to see if they put any hidden dirty Beaver references in it.  Huh, huh, Beavis, he said "dirty beaver".


  1. Fewer than 10% of smokers ever get cancer.

    1. Wow. It's cool to know that the tobacco companies read my blog. Now are you Benson or Hedges?