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Friday, April 27, 2012

Gee, I Coulda Thought Of That

When I was a kid, I remember seeing these trucks delivering bread to my elementery school.  Even then, I thought "Wow, I could have came up with that slogan.  Hey, is Michelle starting to get boobies?"  This is what was on the trucks.

It makes you "wonder" (pun intended).  Did someone burst in to the ad agency.

SIMMONS-"I'm gonna nail that Rainbo account boss.  You ready?  Rainbo is shitty bread." 

ADVERTISING EXEC.-"Oh, you're close.  Let's stay 'til we  hammer this thing out."  

SIMMONS-"Rainbo is okay bread."   

ADVERTISING EXEC.-"Hmmm. Not quite."  

SIMMONS-"I GOT IT!  Rainbo is good bread."  

ADVERTISING EXEC.-"Simmons.  You're a genius.  Have a Scotch and a shot of heroin on me."

How about the State Farm slogan.

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.  My neighbor sucked ass so what am I supposed to relate it to?

Apparently, there was once a slogan for aspirin stating "Nothing works better than aspirin."  I didn't get at first why this was so funny but. . . 

Okay, i'll just try nothing then.  HA HA.  So, if bad slogans aren't enough to scare off your customers, why not just kill them off instead.  "Hmmm.  How can we take something that is already an oral death sentence and make it worse?  AHA!  Replace the bun of a deep fried, breaded slab of chicken sandwich with deep fried, breaded slabs of chicken while cramming cheese and bacon between them."

I do have to admit that I did buy one of these once.  I then took it home, pulled it apart, and put it on regular buns making a couple of sandwiches for Andi and I.  That sounds like a joke but it actually is the truth.  Foiled your evil plan KFC.  Lived to eat unhealthily another day.

Enough of the bad.  Now look at an extremely clever campaign.  Placement is everything.

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