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Friday, May 18, 2012

Don't You Remember That Great Harry Potter Bowling Scene?

The following is what happens when you are feeling squirelly one night and decide to use the webcam to spoof a movie that you have barely seen once and weren't paying that close of attention to when you were watching it.  We hit play and neither of us could even come up with one thing that happened from the movie to even imitate.  In fact, Lukah had to tell me what the red-headed guy's name was.

So then at the end, I got all excited because I actually remembered a name from the movie and I just yelled it out in excitement.  Okay, that didn't go so well.  Maybe don't hit play until you have a scenario ready, dumbass.  Nah, why would we do that.  Take 2.  Still got nuthin' but was at least able to get some words out this time.

So much for the improv.  If it's not working, just make some googly eyes and that will bring down the house.  These might not be Shakespeare but when we went back and watched them, we thought they were so stupid that they were funny.  We may just make some more.  I've got a couple more ideas in the hopper for Harry and the red-headed guy.  You know, what's his name.  Damn, I really gotta see that movie!

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