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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nature Can Be So Cruel

One of my daughter's friends loves giraffes.  They look so cute and harmless.  I'm not sure what made me shatter that perception to the friend but I felt the need to make her watch these videos on youtube on the way home from the band trip.

IS THAT NOT AMAZING?  DID YOU KNOW THEIR NECKS BENT LIKE THAT?  The only reason I have ever even heard of giraffe's neck fighting is because I was flipping through the channels one day and saw this in passing.  I had to retreat back to it and was flabbergasted.  Equally amazing is this video that went around the web a few years ago.  It's a baby buffalo trying to get a drink, then attacked by a lion.  As the lion is trying to drag it away, a crocodile pops out of the water and grabs another leg of the baby buffalo for a tug of war (Minute 3:50).  And you think you had a shitty day. 

The amazing thing is that the baby is able to limp away barely hurt after the herd slowly saunters over and rescues it.  I'm sure in buffalo speak, they heard, "Thank's for taking your sweet ass time rescuing me, jackasses.  Now I'm gonna walk with a f**kin' limp the rest of my life!"

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