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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So Andi's iPhone has some kinda spellcheckerthingamajig.

It probably would have caught that last word and changed it to "erection" or something.  One time she was texting me something about a dowel rod.  She caught this one before it made it to me but her phone changed "dowel" to "sperm".  "Sperm Rod" would have sent a whole different message to me not at all related to home improvement.  Thank God she wasn't texting the priest or the teacher about her "sperm rod".  Not like she regularly texts priests and teachers about lumber supplies, just sayin'.  Give me my phone any day.   It is the shittiest free phone they offer.

It's practically got one of those old hand cranks that Andy Griffith used to have to use for Sara to get him a number in Mt. Pilot.  By God if someone's going to hear about my sperm rod, I PURPOSELY have to type in sultry comments about my sperm rod!  And don't even get me started on my beautifully shaped gonad balls.

Today, I got her to forward an email from home to me here at work and asked her to text me when it was sent.  She did it and tried to text me "re-emailed". Her phone sent me one word-"trematoda".

Good God, don't send me that.  It is a parasitic flatworm.  Although . . . . .I could probably eat all day then and not get any fatter.  Hmmmm.

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