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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

R.I.P. Vegas (1997-2012)

Okay, this is my tribute post to the GREATEST dog ever and my therapy post.  We had to put him down on July 6 because he quit eating and could no longer get up by himself.  This was the hardest thing I have ever done.

November, 1997
July 6, 2012

Although I jokingly bitch about him in my blog, I lost my best buddy in the whole world.  He was the one member of the family that I got to see the most of with being on 2nd shift and I feel like part of my life is missing.  Please join me for a trip down memory lane (he would stop and pee every foot and a half on memory lane if he were still here).  Just to give an idea of how long we had Vegas, here is the last family picture we took with Vegas this Spring (I am not in it because I took the picture.  I am kicking myself for not getting the neighbor to take it so I would be in it because I really like it.)

And here are some early ones with him at our house back on Michael Street that we haven't lived in for 10 years and at our house now with baby Callahan.

 Learning to shake with Lukah.

 A Christmas gift that we thought would take him 3 months to finish but actually took closer to 3 minutes.

 The 3 buddies playing in their fort.

 Vegas babysitting Mikah and Lukah.

 Vegas wiped out from a long day of Christmas present snooping.

 Looking to see if he's going to get yelled at for laying on the pillow while Mr. Potato Head looks on (well he would look on if he had his eyeballs).

"I'll give you all day to stop that," says Vegas.

Now I am not sure if we are an extremely lazy family or if they just make good photo ops, but while looking for pictures for this blog, there seemed to be an inordinate amount of photos of we all napping with the dog.  See what I mean.

Vegas patting Mikah on the back for a job well done.

Vegas patting me on the head for a job well done?

Or us bugging the shit out of him while he tries to nap.

And this amused me one day a few months ago.  He was napping with his tongue out so I snapped a picture of it.

No tribute would be complete without some just random cute pictures of him over the years just being crazy.

 Going completely bonkers after a bath.  You can see the craziness on his face.

 Resting after a hard day of resting.

 Vegas with his girlfriend "Fanny".

Early picture of Vegas and his Shnoz.

Seriously, could he be any cuter?

My 3 legged dog?

I walked out one day and this is what I saw.  It totally looked like he was reading something.

Vegas loved Christmas.  Perhaps a little too much as it usually lead to him getting kicked out of the room.  He would actually open his own presents and unfortunately once or twice, a few that weren't his a few weeks before Christmas.

 Gotta see!  Gotta see!

This was hilarious.  We decided to try to get him in the Christmas picture with the kids in 2010 because he was getting really old and we thought that might be one of our last chances.  He WOULD NOT move any closer to them to get in the shot even after an hour or so of coaxing.  He had the skids on and that is where he was lying for the shot whether we liked it or not.  That is why he is 3 feet in front of them.  We knew that picture would make us laugh someday.

Lastly, I'm not sure why but we liked to dress up the poor guy.  I can honestly say that I never "cross-dressed" up the poor guy like other factions in the house but he never really seemed to mind.

Get back kids, looks like Prancer's gonna bite.

Is being able to lick your own nads a super power?

Oh, he looks so humiliated.

Cutest Easter Bunny EVER!  He actually killed a baby bunny one year the DAY BEFORE Easter and I had to assure the kids that it wasn't the Easter Bunny.

Shh.  Be vewy vewy kwiet.  I'm hunting wabbits.

Teen pop star by day, family pet by night.

Professor Vegas-You see kids, Pythagoras proved that the sum of the 2 sides that make the right angle of a right triangle equal the hypotenuse.  Any questions?

The hat's got it right!

You want how much for a damn Slurpee, Vegas Patel?

Joe Cool.

And the following are the last family portraits that we had our neighbor take for us in October 2011.  We knew that this might be our last chance.  I am glad we did.  The first two shots are good ones but it took about 100 pictures of him looking at every moving leaf or bug to get 1 where he was actually looking in the right direction.

He loved to smile.

That's a good boy.

Squirrel!  Squirrel!  Squirrel!  Look familiar?

Yoo hoo!  Vegas, over here.

This is the sympathy card that we got from the vet's office.  It is a picture that they took of him at some point.  By the crazed look in his eye, I am guessing it is after a nail trimming.  When he was younger, he just let you do it.  In the latter half of his life and even up to a few months before he died, it was a process that involved me holding him in a head lock, a nurse wrestling his leg and Dr. Sterr trying to follow his waving paw with trimmers.  It was a 15 minute ordeal with 3 grown adults emerging all sweaty with disheveled hair and clumps of dog hair stuck all over us.

This beautiful poem was inside.

I made a short montage video of Vegas's life in order as he lived it.  It's only 3 minutes or so and set to music so watch if you want to see a cute puppy.  The full version with subtitles follows.  Some of it may make you smile, some of it may make you laugh, and some of it may make you cry.

This video is much longer with some actual audio of us and some songs mixed with a few subtitles explaining the actions.  It is a much more detailed account of his life.  I did it more for myself but I hope at least some of you will enjoy the many laughs Vegas gave us over the years.

Thank you Vegas for 14 1/2 wonderful years.  We could not have asked for a better pet.  WE REALLY DO MISS YOU EVERY DAY!  Peace.


  1. Gretchen and I was always impressed with his guard dog prowess. I am sure you had home security installed an home defese weapons procured after his passing! All kidding aside, rest in peace, Vegas.

    From: Newt

    1. Yes. I know Gretchen was terrified with his sleepy,one-eyed glance she got when she infiltrated the Case fortress. :)