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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Debbie May Do Dallas, But Corey Does Chi-Town (Day 2)

On Friday, we had bleacher seats for the Cub game.  Luckily it was only 112 degrees that day.

The infamous Cubs sign.

We actually made it on t.v. during the start of the 3 hour and 40 minute rain delay.  THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID 3 HOUR 40 MINUTE RAIN DELAY.  They could have played a whole other game with as long as that delay was.  So, people say I looked pissed off in the picture.  I am actually just bored to death because there is not much to watch at Wrigley during a rain delay.

I know.  I will watch a drunk girl pass out during the national anthem on her 21st birthday.  I nudged Andi when I saw her doing the "close one eye" during "the dawn's early light", by "the rocket's red glare" she was swaying, and during "flag was still there" she wadded up her purse and was out.  I'm not so sure this is what Francis Scott Key had in mind.

Harry Caray statue looking like he's about to bust out a rhyme.

Our neighbor (Cal's brother he never had) and 2 other Clintonians happened to be in the bleachers at the same game so we all sat together.  Here they are waiting to get in to the rain delay.

Cal got a ball during batting practice as did Mikah and all of the Clinton boys.  One landed right next to me but I was texting and the piranhas scooped in and got it before I could even react.

The boys showing off their (ahem) balls.

Hmmm.  Was this before or after the rain delay?  I can't tell.

There's no hugging in baseball!

Cubs won 8-1.  Soriano went 4 for 4 with 2 homeruns and 2 doubles.  I'm not trying to take credit here but it's plain to see that he kept looking up at me for batting tips.

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